Annual Day 2018-19


KVS Online Transfer Application 2018

Invitation of Online Transfer Applications from Teaching employees upto PGT and Non-teaching employees upto Assistant Section Officer for consideration of Annual Transfer

KVS Online Transfer Application 2018

As per the instructions contained in KVS (HQ) Letter dated 25.05.2018 the details of all employees of this Vidyalaya has been added/generated in the KVS Transfer Login portal by this Office.

Before, filling up the online application form all the employees are requested to go through the employee user manual & transfer guidelines.  A sample copy of transfer application form is also attached which can be filled for ready reference before feeding the data in online application form.

A copy of the Employee user manual, KVS Transfer Guidelines 2018, Calendar of activities for annual transfer 2018, subject code and post code, list of zone code, region code station code and kv code is attached for your information.

The following points may please be noted and adhered to :-

  1. The dates for filling up the online transfer application form by the employee is from 29th May to 07th June 2018, however it is advised to fill up  the application form at the earliest to enable us to scrutiny, check, verify and approve your transfer application form, in the prescribed time.
  2. Please check your eligibility for request transfer as per para  9 of KVS transfer guidelines 2018.
  3. The Login User ID and password is sent to your email id
  4. The link for opening transfer application form is
  5. Employees are at liberty to fill their transfer application online form from any location but time schedule to be strictly followed.
  6. Utmost caution and vigilance should be exercised at the time of filling the transfer application form as after submission of the transfer application form no request for any change in transfer application or correction/cancellation shall be entertained by KVS(HQ).
  7. As per KVS instructions, in case of those employees who are on long leave/out of country and not able to fill their transfer application form, in such situation the Principal/controlling office has to fill the Part A and B (Mandatory Part) except the Part-C which deals with the request transfer.  Hence, no request for filling the Part-C will be entertained after the last date is over in any grounds.
  8. As per KVS instructions this year, the practice of uploading Medical Certificate, spouse declaration, children disability certificate and undertaking for exemption from displacement on the basis of child studying in Board class has been discontinuedhowever, the original certificates has to be submitted to the Principal for verification to allow the benefits to the employee.  As such, the employees who are applying for the exemption on the aforesaid grounds has to submit the concerned certificate in Office for verification failing which the benefit will not be allowed.
  9. Tentative vacancies have been uploaded in KVS website for reference which may change at any time without any prior intimation.



1. letter dt 25-05-2018 online transfer

2. Employee User Manual

3. Transfer Guidelines 2018

4. Caldender of activities

5. KVS Transfer Form 2018 sample

6. KV Code List

CPR Meeting Report


DATE: 15/07/2017                                                                 TIME: 8:30 AM

Points Discussed

  1. Parvinder Kaur officiating H.M initiated the meeting. She addressed the CPR’s of primary section.
  2. She requested the CPR’s to first of all to send their wards to school with proper Tiffin, pay attention towards their neatness, regularity and discipline.
  3. She appraised the CPR’s about the new system of examination based on Back to Basics. She reiterated the importance of reading habit which seems lacking with students.
  4. Hema Patil madam incharge of CPR spoke about giving correct contact numbers.
  5. Parents CPR’s insisted on making diary available to all students so that proper communication could be established.
  6. Vice-Principal Mr. Ganesh Indrale spoke to parents and assured them that diary for student would be soon made available. Till then they could continue with ‘Whats App’ and convey the message to class teacher. He also insisted not to change phone numbers frequently.
  7. One of the CPR’s requested all other parents to restrict their watching T.V in order to inculcate proper values in children.
  8. One of the CPR of STD X requested that lot of written work with very little time given. She requested that teachers give more time.
  9. One CPR of VII A insisted that teachers of SCIENCE and SST speaks in English and corporal punishment be avoided.
  10.   Sujata Apte member of CPR meeting explained to CPR’s to spend time with their ward and take up studies at home also, as they put the entire onus on school alone.
  11.  Vice-Principal Sir concluded the meeting by requesting the CPR’s to be aware about the short comings of their wards from the beginning itself meet the teacher concerned not after supplementary. He explained in details about the new exam system and compulsory passing.
  12. Hema Patil Proposed the vote of Thanks.